Why to learn French Language at IEFL ?

French is considered a Romance language. With its origins in Latin, French is widely regarded to be among the most beautiful languages in the world.

France is part of the European Union and the official language in 29 countries and spoken by about 110 million people, mainly by people who live in France and as a second language by a further 190 million French language speakers. French is spoken by many people in Switzerland, Belgium and Luxemburg. In Canada, French is spoken mainly in Quebec.

French is spoken on 5 different continents. Making French one of the most useful second language for travelling.
France is the second largest tourist location in the world that attracts over 70 million visitors a year alone.

Other major destinations that speak French include the Caribbean, Europe, Canada, and parts of Africa and Asia.

French is an official language of many of the world’s organizations:

  • United Nations,
  • Nato,
  • International Red Cross Association
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Numerous other international committees and organizations.

After English, French is the most learned second language in Europe and around the globe.

More than 300 million people speak French on the five continents. The OIF, an international organization of French-speaking countries, comprises 88 member States and governments. French is the second most widely learned foreign language after English, and the fifth most widely spoken language in the world.

French is also the only language, alongside English, that is taught in every country in the world. France operates the biggest international network of cultural institutes, which run French-language courses for close on a million learners. Doesn’t it motivate you to join our French language classes in Hyderabad?

The ability to speak French and English is an advantage on the international job market. A knowledge of French opens the doors of French companies in France and other French-speaking parts of the world. As one of the world’s largest economies and a leading destination for foreign investment, France is a key economic partner.



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